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The Tecnovia Brand

TECNOVIA SGPS operates in three continents, generates an annual turnover of 330 million euro's and has an integrated portfolio of services based in the areas of road concessions and parking, manufacturing, engineering and construction, and real estate.

TECNOVIA SGPS, founded in 1973, has designed a business strategy for a solid organic international growth, thus creating a decisive value for the Portuguese economy and to increase and consolidate its presence in the domestic market, having as a priority the development of geographic areas and the communities that inhabit them.

TECNOVIA SGPS is subject to the highest principles of professional ethics, corporate social responsibility and being environmentally friendly, it also has an active policy of recruiting and training specialized Portuguese senior management.

TECNOVIA SGPS have activities that cover different business areas, including:

Engineering / Construction:

  • Roads (Highways and Roads)
  • Railway construction and renovation
  • Engineering structures (tunnels, bridges, etc.)
  • Environmental Works
  • Urban Renewal
  • Airport Works
  • Earthworks
  • Maritime and Port Works
  • Hydraulic Works
  • Infra-structures and external works
  • Building


Industry / Production and Marketing:

  • Bituminous Mixtures
  • Micro agglomerate
  • Hydraulic Concrete
  • Aggregates

  • Road Concessions
  • Car parks concessions
  • Road safety services
  • Construction waste collection and treatment stations
Real Estate:

  • Property Development