We operate in Morocco through T-Internacional, a Tecnovia S.A. branch founded in 2007.

With a view towards the implementation of our globalisation strategy and the search for new markets, we have implemented a set of initiatives in this neighbouring country that are fundamentally centred on various infrastructure projects for communication links and sports facilities.

We highlight the 13 km stretch on the Marrakesh – Agadir Highway, carried out in the Atlas Mountains region, which includes a double tunnel with an extension of 600 metres and two viaducts, the largest of which has an extension of approximately 440m and a height of 50m, implemented with the beam launching method and with recourse to a launcher. A contract which presented a formidable challenge and is a point-of-pride in our portfolio.

We have also constructed nearly 40 sports facilities, 10 athletic tracks, and 30 synthetic grass football fields that display the depth of abilities that we have and in which we guarantee the same level of quality.