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  1. Data Protection Officer

The mandatory officer requirement designation for data protection it’s not applicable to Tecnovia, since TECNOVIA’s main activities do not currently involve the regular and systematic control of large-scale data subjects, nor the treatment of special categories or large-scale conviction/infringement data.

Given the geographical dispersion and size of TECNOVIA, it was considered as a good practice to create a Data Protection Committee, which is equivalent to the Data Protection Officer provided in the General Regulation on Data Protection.

  1. Responsibility

TECNOVIA is responsible for complying with all legal obligations regarding the processing of personal data in which it participates, to the extent of such participation (level of responsibility established individually for each processing of personal data).

TECNOVIA performs the processing of personal data as a subcontractor [outsourced] of client companies.

TECNOVIA is responsible for possible breaches of binding rules applicable to companies, committed by involved entities that are not established in the EU, except where the event that caused the damage is not attributable to TECNOVIA.

Regarding the entities involved in the personal data processing under its responsibility, TECNOVIA verifies the provision of the appropriate guarantees for the execution of the technical and organizational measures adequate to the risks of such processing.

  1. Data characterization and main treatments

3.1 Data Processing

TECNOVIA keeps data on:

    • Clients: individuals who perform functions in client companies, in direct relation with TECNOVIA;
    • Partners: individuals who perform functions in partner companies, in direct relation with TECNOVIA;
    • Collaborators: individuals with a contract established directly with TECNOVIA;
    • Subcontractors: individuals hired by the subcontractor company to perform a specific and determined work;
    • Outsourced: individuals subcontracted to TECNOVIA partners;
    • Contacts: individuals who, not falling into the previous categories, may in the future fall into one of these categories (e.g. candidate, potential client).

The processing of personal data carried out in this context derives mainly from the:

    • Legal obligation: compliance with legal provisions of public bodies and services;
    • Contract execution: creation and execution of contracts with workers, subcontracted, partners and clients;
    • Legitimate interest: institutional communication, marketing of products and services.

There is also processing based on vital interests and consent.

TECNOVIA keeps and processes only personal data that is adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary for its purposes.

TECNOVIA does not process special categories or convictions/infractions, except in the following cases:

    • Racial or ethnic origin, to the extent that it can be identified through the image (e.g., photo) of the subject;
    • Biometric data (identification), used exclusively for access control to the facilities and to control attendance (when applicable) by TECNOVIA and/or its partners/clients;
    • Health data, when required by legal obligation, for the vital interest of the subject or third parties or processed under consent;
    • Convictions/infractions, when required by legal obligation or processed under consent.

TECNOVIA develops activities outside the EU, respecting and enforcing the provisions applicable to each particular case.

3.2 Transfer and provision of personal data

TECNOVIA respects and enforces the obligations of personal data protection in the transfer of data to third countries and international organizations, through:

    • Adequacy decision of the Commission (rule of law, independent supervisory authorities, international commitments);
    • Adequate guarantees of enforceable rights and effective corrective legal measures (without authorization: legally binding instrument, binding rules, standard clauses, code of conduct, certification; with authorization: contractual clauses, provisions in administrative agreements).

3.3 Records of personal data processing activities

TECNOVIA has records of the activities of personal data processing in which it participates. Those records contain the following elements:

    • Purpose of the personal data processing (business process);
    • Preservation period, counting method and final destination of the information;
    • Categories of data subjects and recipients;
    • Joint responsible and subcontractors;
    • Personal data transfers and adequate guarantees;
    • Prior assessment of the risks and reference for impact assessment and prior consultation with the supervisory authority;
    • Technical and organizational measures adequate to the risks.
  1. Data preservation and complementary processes

The personal data preservation and the complementary processes to which this data may be subject arise from specific aspects of the business context in which they were primarily processed. The personal data protection in these stages requires a systematic approach, which can be applied in a coherent form by all entities that participated in these main processes or have had access to them as recipients.

Therefore, the following stages in the information life cycle are:

  1. Application of measures

    In cases where the need to preserve personal data is verified and if the subject expressly requests the exercise of the right to limit the processing or the elimination of the personal data, the following measures may apply:

    • Limitation
    of preservation processing, regarding the declaration, exercise or defense of right in judicial process and/or archival purposes of public interest, scientific, historical or statistical research;

    • Pseudonymization:
    processing of personal data in such a way that it can no longer be attributed to a specific subject without recurring to supplementary information, keeping this supplementary information separately and subject to appropriate technical and organizational measures.In cases where the need for the personal data preservation does not occur, the following measures may apply:

    • Anonymization:
    processing of personal data in such a way that it can no longer be attributed to a specific subject;

    • Deletion:
    permanent elimination of personal data.Considering the need to keep evidence about the execution of these operations, including for declaration, exercise or defense of right in an administrative or judicial process, the anonymization and the elimination may give rise to or require the maintenance of the subject’s personal data.In accordance with the applicable legislation, all data subjects may exercise their rights, including access to their personal data, to its rectification, elimination or limitation of processing, to the portability of their data, or oppose its processing. In order to do it, you need to contact TECNOVIA through the contacts given above.

Any complaint related to the data processing of the interested party may be submitted to the National Commission for Data Protection (Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados – CNPD).

Date: 07/09/2018