We have been in Angola since 1992, with head office in Luanda, in several provinces of the country.

Our activity in this country has been defined by the high installed capacity as regards equipment, mobile structures and human capital. This capacity corresponds to the size of the country and the different requests from many locations, and allows us to autonomously carry out the projects we are responsible for.

With several examples of success and overcoming difficulties, we are proud of the work done throughout more than two decades of activity in Angola.

For us, Angola is a fundamental part of the group’s globalisation strategy and makes us an integral and active part of the contribution made to the development of this African country and its population.

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Share Capital:

136 000 000.00 Kwanzas

Public Works Contractor Permit No. 45/EOP/97

Industrial Company Construction Permit No. 117/ICC/2006



Manager with executive duties: José Guilherme Jorge da Costa

Manager with executive duties: Luís Guilherme Canas da Costa

Manager with executive duties: Joaquim Carlos Vieira Rodrigues Martins

Manager with executive duties: Bruno Miguel Jeremias da Silva

Manager with executive duties: Manuel Caetano Lage Jorge

Manager with executive duties: Amílcar Kita Assis do Nascimento