Dredger “Baixio” increases Tecnovia’s ability to perform maritime work

The addition of the dredger BAIXIO to its equipment fleet increases the ability of the Tecnovia Group to implement maritime projects, namely those involving dredging and sand extraction. The dredger has the following main characteristics:


Type: Suction dredger

Construction: 1982, refurbished in 2001, major reconditioning in 2009, repair in 2017 (performed internally by Tecnovia)

Length: 71 m

Width: 12 m

Draught: 4.25 m

Gross Tonnage: 1251T

Speed: 9 knots

Capacity 1200 m3

Dredging Depth: 30 m

In 2017, Tecnovia performed a large operation to replace the entire cargo hold plate which appeared corroded, repair the friction clutch for the suction pump, automate the sand exhaust system, clean the bilge water draining tubes, inspect the engines and replace all zincs, repair the electrical installations, repair and paint the excavator used in discharge, repair and replace the cabin flooring and paint the entire ship. These operations were performed internally by Tecnovia in Madeira.

The ship departed from Caniçal, in Madeira, for the island of Flores where it moored on 30.06.2017.

It is currently located on this Azorean island, performing sand dredging and extraction operations under the Tecnovia Açores contracts in progress on the islands of Flores and Corvo.

Tecnovia increases its ability to implement maritime contracts and projects, building on its extensive experience and know-how in this sector.