Inauguration of Ribeira Brava Marginal

Constructed by Tecnovia Madeira in consortium, the requalification of Avenida Engenheiro Ribeiro Pereira, known as Marginal de Ribeira Brava – Tábua, was inaugurated last August 28th.

With a length of about 1500 m, the works includes a car transit route, a bike path, a pedestrian zone and a large multipurpose space for holding various events.

The infrastructure is protected by three security galleries, in the three areas identified as most at risk and which support landslides, which are routed directly to the sea coast.

This project included the installation of seismographs that will work synchronized with activated emergency traffic lights whenever sufficient movement thresholds are detected to jeopardize safety.

Closed since 2007 for safety reasons, due to the risk of collapse, the Marginal da Ribeira Brava is a project that promotes mobility and leisure on a magnificent seafront, in safe conditions.

See the video HERE