MUSA Project

MUSA Project

The Angola Rescue Association solidarity project MUSA (Mothers United Solidarity in Angola) is a project Tecnovia Angola is involved with, within the scope of its Social Responsibility activities.

Created 2 years ago at the David Bernadino pediatric hospital, in Luanda, to bring soup to 200 children every day, this project aims to raise all kinds of support to pay for food, health care, travel for treatment, clothes, school materials and toys for disadvantaged children in Luanda.

Counting on approximately 90 volunteers, among whom is our big-hearted colleague Leonor Patraquim Rosa, we also support the presence of the Association at the RODAS MUSIC FEST EtimbaTeam Festival, where it is able to raise funds for the Angola Rescue Association solidarity project #MUSA.

We will continue to support this and other projects that aim to improve living conditions for children and young people in Angola in particular.