Opening to traffic of Talatona – Nova Vida Tunnel in Luanda

Since yesterday that in Luanda people circulate with a new fluidity from Talatona to Nova Vida.

The opening to traffic of the first tunnel of the construction of Nó da Samba / Av. Pedro de Castro Van-Dúnem Loy, carried out to divert traffic and allow the completion of works towards Luanda, marks the beginning of a new mobility in the city of Luanda.

Executed in a design-build regime by Tecnovia Angola, this is a modern transport infrastructure, designed for the future, oriented towards the mobility and development of the city of Luanda.

The solution consists in the unevenness of Avenida Van-Dúnem Loy through two independent tunnels, accessed by ramps, with two traffic lanes in each direction. The junction between the Samba road and Avenida Van-Dúnem will be carried out by a roundabout, at the level of the current terrain, with an outer radius of 40m and three lanes.

On Samba road, a central corridor will be reserved, with 10m of free width, for a future public transport system, metro, surface train or other applicable to the development of the city.

With completion scheduled for next June, this work will improve the mobility of the population of Luanda, a city that grows on average twice as much as any other city in Angola, currently accounting for 27% of the total 29.25 million Angolan population.

A project carried out in close articulation and collaboration of several entities, the Owner of Work – Ministry of Construction and Public Works, the Provincial Government of Luanda, the Municipal Administration of Talatona and Samba and the Engineering team.

It is with great satisfaction that we opened this Talatona – Nova Vida tunnel to traffic, a milestone in the construction of this important transport infrastructure, a fundamental work for the development of Luanda.

More details about this project accessible here.