Our policy regarding equipment has always been one of expansion and self-reliance.

We believe that this provides us with greater flexibility when choosing the most suitable technological solutions for our work and for the territories in which we operate.

Currently, we have over 1250 pieces of heavy equipment, operated by experienced and qualified technicians, which allows us to provide our services according to the quality standards we hold ourselves to.

We also have a wide range of light vehicles and equipment for the production of power and compressed air, as well as a variety of light equipment to support our company’s activities.

We have a network of workshops that ensures our equipment remains operational where and when it is needed.


We have several categories of heavy equipment at our disposal.

Tecnovia Heavy Equipment: Type and Distribution

Earthmoving . 481 units 0

Trucks . 326 units 0

Industrial Production. 238 units 0

Surfacing and Compacting . 174 units 0

Lifiting . 35 units 0

Geotechnics . 14 units 0

Dredger. 1 unit 0