Tecnovia Ambiente Inaugurates “Ocean Pellets” Factory

On 5th March, Vasco Cordeiro, the President of the Regional government of the Azores, inaugurated the Tecnovia Ambiente – Ocean Pellets wood pellet production factory, in the presence of the Administration of Tecnovia Group.

Located at the Mata dos Cavacos Industrial Centre, in Ribeira Grande, São Miguel, the factory has a production capacity of 3 ton/h, and produces wood pellets from trunks and clean wood waste originating from the timber industry.

The pellets are solid biofuel, safe and practical to use, have a high calorific value, are clean and very efficient in combustion, and can be used in domestic or industrial heating systems as an ecological alternative to fossil fuels.

The pellets are intended for use in industry, hotels, commerce and private homes, in the markets of the autonomous region of the Azores, the autonomous region of Madeira and Nordic countries.

This investment is part of Tecnovia Ambiente’s diversification strategy, adding to its operations managing and recycling construction and demolition waste – CDW, decontaminating soils, removing asbestos-bearing materials and sorting packaging.

A pioneer in environmental solutions in the Autonomous Region of the Azores, Tecnovia Ambiente further contributes to the circular economy of the Azores, where sustainability and resource renewal are of particular importance.