Tecnovia Angola sponsors MUSA Solidarity Project of the Angola Rescue Association

Last 25 of March, TECNOVIA ANGOLA, signed a donation / cooperation protocol with the association ANGOLA RESCUE, in the amount of AKZ 2 500 000,00 (two million, five hundred thousand Kwanzas) aimed to support the MUSA Project – Mothers United and Solidarity in Angola.

The protocol was signed by Bruno Jeremias and Ricardo Marfim Santos, TECNOVIA ANGOLA managers, and by Teresa Pires and Filipa Augusto, President and Vice-President of ANGOLA RESCUE, also had the presence of Leonor Patraquim Rosa, a Tecnovia Angola worker and a volunteer of the MUSA Project.

ANGOLA RESCUE is a philanthropic non-profit charitable association whose main purpose is the preservation and conservation of the environment and the promotion of the sustainable development of human beings, animals and the environment.

Born in 2016 at the David Bernadino Pediatric Hospital in Luanda, the MUSA PROJECT supports underprivileged children, trough the development of social actions, improving nutrition, health care and disease prevention, among other initiatives that minimize the shortage of children.

The creation of the Talent Village and the complementary acts Musa Nutrition, Musa + Saúde, “Musa where everything begins” and Musa Sponsorship, will be supported by TECNOVIA ANGOLA, which, with the signing of this protocol, formalizes and increases the support it has given to the MUSA project that has high impact in improving the quality of life of so many children and young people.

The support of the development of children and young people in Angola, through projects such as MUSA and “Tecnovia Angola grows with you“, is one of the main commitments of Tecnovia Angola within its social responsibility.