Tecnovia Madeira invests in the Ribeira dos Socorridos Shipyard

The Ribeira dos Socorridos Shipyard concession was granted to Tecnovia Madeira at the end of 2016, for a period of 10 years. Located in Câmara de Lobos, the concession has recently received an investment of approximately 400 thousand euros, to ensure the operational capacity of this infrastructure which performs ship repair and maintenance.

The shipyard improvement works, upgrades and repairs focused mainly on the extension of the breakwater by 30 metres, and on enlarging and strengthening the protection wall, to prevent breaking waves from compromising the operations of the shipyard.

The surrounding basin at the entrance of the launching ramp was dredged, the existing ramp on the west side of the launching area was demolished, some of the existing warehouses were demolished and the rest were recovered, the slope adjacent to the shipyard was reinforced and a wash dock with hydrocarbon separation was created.

This marine infrastructure can provides repairs and maintenance to vessels up to 23 metres long and 8 metres wide, dry docking, launch ramps and hauling out.

Tecnovia Madeira aims to monetize the investment that it has made in the maritime economy, diversifying its activities which are mostly reliant on public works.

The majority of services provided by Tecnovia Madeira at the Socorridos shipyard concern hull repairs and mechanical work, with maintenance discounts for those who have their vessel anchored at the Calheta Recreational Port, a concession also granted to Tecnovia Madeira.