Tecnovia rehabilitates building on Rua do Desterro in Lisbon

On May 7, 2019, UPI LISBON 10, Lda awarded TECNOVIA S.A. the General Building Rehabilitation Contract at Rua do Desterro n.º 17 a 31, in Lisbon, for more than 5 M€ and an execution period of 18 months.

The work aims at the construction of a unique building in the space where there are currently two buildings, no. 17-21 and no. 23-31, respectively, four and five floors above the ground. The largest building (no. 23-31) covers most of the area of the public areas.

The architectural project, designed by Atelier Saraiva + Associados, involves the demolition of the two buildings, with the exception of the main façade of the Rua do Desterro N.ºs 23-31 building, which will give way to a single building, with 5 floors above the ground, without buried floors.

In the backyard, the existing building will be fully demolished, being built in its place a new building intended for parking on floors -1 and 0, as support of a large outdoor area at level 1 floor, where there will be a pool, also supported on the slab of floor 1 of the Building.

Intended for housing, the building will have 24 residential units comprising T0, T1, T2, T2 Duplex, T3 and T4, in a total area of 3,512.84 m2 (being 872.75 m2 of parking).

The contract started in May 2019 and expected to be concluded in November 2020, has FICOPE – Fiscalização, Coordenação, Projectos de Engenharia Lda. as the managing and supervision entity of the project.

This is one more building project that TECNOVIA S.A. has in progress in the city of Lisbon.

Urban rehabilitation is an area where the company has been investing in recent years, in a perspective of diversification and response to the challenges of the market and its customers, characterized by technical capacity, quality of execution and commitment.