Towards a greener tomorrow – Green Pavements 2017

Towards a greener tomorrow – Green Pavements 2017

As a producer of bituminous mixtures, with extensive experience in paving and surfacing, we are responsible for the sustainability of our industry. We sponsored the Green Pavements 2017, which took place under the subject of “Reducing the Carbon Footprint”, within the scope of the Paris Accords on Climate Change, signed at the 21st United Nations Conference of Parties (COP21).

At this meeting held at the LNEC – National Laboratory of Civil Engineering, in Lisbon, from the 24th to the 25th May 2017, we made a series of presentations under the title of “Design, Production and Live Paving of Thingap with Rarx”, a hot bituminous mixture with RAR (reacted and activated rubber).

The presentation included the laboratory-performed research and development, which included performance tests, the plant-manufactured bituminous mixture with RAR, and finally the Live Paving of a street at the LNEC.

The main objective of live paving was to provide the participants with the experience of witnessing the behaviour of this type of HMA [Hot-Mix Asphalt] and the appearance of the layer after compaction.

Additional tests were performed after the paving, namely the wheel tracking test and macro-texture rating, to compare the results with those obtained during the development phase.

Paving with the most ecological materials, such as mixtures with recovered bitumen or recycled rubber (as presented) reduces the carbon footprint, and contributes to a sustainable and greener future.