Tecnovia rehabilitates seafront at Trafaria

Tecnovia is rehabilitating the seafront at Trafaria in the area of ​the PolNato Lisbon Depot (DPNL) for the National Entity for the Energy Sector – ENSE.

The “Execution of a project to rehabilitate the seafront of the installations in zone I of the PolNato de Lisboa Deposit (DPNL)” was awarded for the sum of €587,827.72 and with a deadline of 105 days.

The work is aimed at rebuilding the maritime protection of the POL NATO facilities, which was damaged over 60% of its extension due to a severe storm in the winter of 2020.

Located in Trafaria, with an area of ​​about 1.8 ha, the POL NATO installations are protected from the maritime turmoil by an adherent frontal defense, of the rock-fill coating type, with about 180 m in length.

The rehabilitation works of maritime protection aim at the construction of a rockfill coating, with a weight greater than that which constituted the existing defense, consisting of:

  • Protection mantle consisting of two layers of rockfill from 6 to 9 t;
  • Secondary mantle consisting of two layers of rockfill from 0.5 to 1 t;
  • Slope foot protection mat with 5 m in width in rockfill from 0.5 to 1 t.

Tecnovia began the work by excavating the natural terrain, accompanied by the selection of material to be used as the rockfill filling material in the secondary and protection layers. After the constitution of the landfill profile, its surface will be covered with a geotextile blanket, followed by a layer of gravel protection.

Soon after, the rockfills for the secondary mantle and the protection mantle will be placed.

With the completion of the rehabilitation of the maritime protection, the reconstruction of the fence will begin, including the concrete foundation lintel.

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