Tecnovia Açores constructs the Internacional Hospital dos Açores

Tecnovia Açores started the construction of the Azores International Hospital last Tuesday, June 19, the day of the project presentation and first stone launching ceremony.
Located in Tecnoparque of the municipality of Lagoa, the Hospital Internacional dos Açores (HIA) will be the first private hospital unit of the Autonomous Region of the Azores.
This hospital unit will comprise the Cardiovascular Center of the Azores, the Center for Laparoscopic Surgery, the Center of Urology of the Azores and the Units of Intensive Care and Neurosurgery.
The Operatory Block will consist of three rooms and the internment will have about 60 beds.
Nearly 40 specialties and laboratories of Clinical Analysis and Pathological Anatomy, as well as the Centers of Respiratory Function, Neurophysiological Studies and Audiology, as well as an integrated Imaging Service are planned.
Representing an investment in the order of 30 million euros, once completed the HIA will have about 12,500 m2, divided by three floors and is expected to be inaugurated in the first quarter of 2020.
The first phase of the work scheduled to end in December 16, 2018, involves the removal of about 35,000 m3 of materials and application of 10 000 m3 of concrete and 1200 tonnes of steel.
Tecnovia increases, with this contract, its portfolio in the construction of health units.