Tecnovia Cape Verde and University of Cape Verde signed protocol

Last Tuesday, February 23, Tecnovia Cabo Verde and the Cape Verde University, signed a cooperation protocol, in the scope of Science, Technology and Engineering.

The cooperation protocol was signed at the Rectory of the University, by the Dean of Uni-CV, Judite Medina do Nascimento, the General Director of Tecnovia CV, Eng. Bruno Jeremias, the President of FCT, Elvis Chantre, and the Director of Human Resources of Tecnovia CV, Eunice Fernandes, alumni of the Business and Organizational Sciences course at the School of Business and Governance at Uni-CV.

The protocol aims to promote employment opportunities for graduates and recent graduates from the Faculty of Science and Technology (FCT) of Uni-CV. It also intends to contribute to the development in future professionals of a culture of cooperation and responsibility, open to knowledge sharing and continuous improvement, in a business context.

The agreement also provides the promotion of collaborative activities in the field of Science, Technology and Innovation in areas of common interest, in order to encourage the development of joint projects in the area of ​​Science and Technology, especially in technical-scientific actions.

Tecnovia CV hopes to create relationships and give opportunities to the youngest, so that in a business environment of construction, they can apply all the academic component that they have throughout their university learning.


Bruno Jeremias, Director General of Tecnovia CV, said at the occasion:

“It is a great pleasure to be able to establish this connection with the University of Cape Verde, aware that we may have a very large resource here to cover”.


“The University of Cape Verde will complete 15 years of existence as a university, but it is an institution that has a history of 41 years, even so, we are even younger than the Tecnovia group with its 59 years, which means that we will have a lot also learn from your experience in this field, ”said the Dean of Uni-CV, stressing that with the signing of this protocol, Uni-CV students will have a real opportunity to apply the knowledge they develop in practice.


Tecnovia CV’s mission is to operate in the construction industry through the management of engineering projects and a diversified offer of products and services, actively contributing to the creation of value and sustainable development of the societies in which it operates.


Interconnection with the university and polytechnic academic environment has been Tecnovia‘s bet in the various geographies where it operates.




Images provided by UNI-CV