Tecnovia integrates Innovate Oeiras

It is with great pride that Tecnovia, a leading construction company, integrates INNOVATE®OEIRAS, an innovation portfolio that brings together leading companies in the municipality of Oeiras.

Oeiras is the first Municipality in Portugal to enter the Global Village World ecosystem, promoter of the ‘Innovations of the World’ series.

The 1st edition of ‘Innovations of the World’ – Innovate Tampa Bay, was born in 2017, in Tampa, USA.

The ‘Innovations of the World’ aims to map the ecosystem of innovation and development of cities, increase synergies and networking, enhancing the dynamism of these cities and their projection in the world.

After passing through several countries, this project arrives in Portugal with Innovate Oeiras, a municipality with a prominent business ecosystem, whose ambition is to be the Portuguese silicon valley – Oeiras Valley.

The INNOVATE®OEIRAS portfolio has more than 350 pages, more than 30 personalities sharing their vision of innovation and more than 120 success stories from the most varied entities that are part of its innovation ecosystem.

Based in Oeiras, since 1962, Tecnovia, as a leading construction company, is part of INNOVATE OEIRAS, an innovation portfolio that brings together leading companies in the municipality of Oeiras.

At INNOVATE®OEIRAS we share our DNA and story, our positioning and vision of the future.

We also present some of the challenging projects in progress, such as the construction of the building of the new headquarters of the Municipality of Oeiras – Forum Oeiras, which is being built next to Oeiras Parque.

Digitally published in June, the launch of the printed version of the INNOVATE® OEIRAS Portfolio took place in the Taguspark auditorium, in Porto Salvo, on October 14th.

An event attended by Tecnovia, represented by Catarina Gata, which was attended by representatives of various companies, organizations and personalities, including Sven Boermeester, CEO of Global village Publishing and Isaltino Morais, Mayor of Oeiras

We would like to thank INNOVATE PORTUGAL for this initiative, it was a pleasure to share our history, our positioning and vision of the future.