Slope Consolidation along the ER 222 – Ponta do Sol

Project Type

Geotechnics and Pre-Stressing

Construction Company

Tecnovia Madeira


Ponta do Sol, Autonomous Region of Madeira


Carried out for the Regional Secretariat for Parliamentary and European Affairs in 2016, the contract involved work on two slopes in Rateira and one slope in Voltinhas

In essence, the project involved re-profiling, pinning with lengths of between 6 and 12 metres, applying shotcrete with welded steel mesh, the construction of a gravity wall, the placement of dynamic barriers with a capacity of 1000 kJ, a height of 4 m and a length of 50 m, and building a cement wall lined with shaped stone, as well as the corresponding drainage components such as sewers, geo-drains, drain mesh and gutters.

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