Demolition of the Magap Building in Guayaquil

Project Type

Special Projects

Construction Company

Tecnovia Equador


Guayaquil, Province of Guayas, Equador


The work contracted by Inmobiliar Servicio de Gestión Inmobiliaria del Sector Público, had a value of 3 478 999.84 USD and a 240-day deadline.

The contract consisted of the mechanical demolition of the Magap building – La Licuadora, a building with 33 floors (30 above ground and 3 underground), standing at 93m above the ground level, as well as the transportation of leftover materials to the authorised disposal site, and the recycling of the demolition waste.

The work included the removal of the existing interiors as well as the demolition of the reinforced concrete structure. All safety measures were taken, both for workers and people in the surrounding area. All work was constantly monitored by our safety technicians who, given the location of the building next to a petrol station, played an important role in ensuring a zero-accident record.

Sprinkler systems were used on all floors, and safety barriers placed around the entire building to prevent dust dispersion from affecting the neighbouring urban area

The Magap building, the seventh tallest building in Ecuador at the time, was located in the centre of Guayaquil, in a residential neighbourhood.

The work begun on 1.10.2013 and finished on 28.05.2014, one day before the deadline.

A complementary contract was also awarded, with a value of 479 685.58 and a 60-day deadline, to prepare the site for the future installation of a garden.


Tecnovia Ecuador

Magap Building

La licuadora

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