Expansion of the Rabo de Peixe fishing port – São Miguel

Project Type

Maritime and Fluvial

Construction Company

Tecnovia Açores


Rabo de Peixe, island of São Miguel, Autonomous Region of the Azores


Client: Regional Secretariat for the Environment and the Sea

Value: €14 025 000.01

Carried out by a consortium, the expansion of the Rabo de Peixe fishing port was aimed at improving the safety of professional fishermen, enabling ship repair operations and fostering recreational activities.

Main quantities:

• Dredging: 2 515.48 m³

• Removal of tetrapods: 419 units

• Rockfill: 47 231.00 m³

• Concrete: 32 931.67 m³

• Scouring: 2 189.96 m2

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