Roxo-Sado Irrigation, Road and Drainage Infrastructures

Project Type

Hydraulic Works

Building – Construction and Renovation

Construction Company





The contract for the construction of the Alqueva irrigation, road and drainage infrastructures at the Roxo-Sado block was awarded by EDIA (Alqueva Infrastructure and Development Company), in the framework of the Alqueva project, for the value of €12 998 538.77, covering an area of 4033 hectares in the civil parishes of Messejana, Rio de Moinhos and São João de Negrilhos, in the municipality of Aljustrel, in the district of Beja.

The contract included the Rio de Moinhos pumping station, a raised regulation reservoir (R3), and an irrigation network with 96 hydrants, spanning almost 32 km.

The collective irrigation system is composed of reinforced concrete pipes with a steel core, ductile cast iron (FFD) and High Density Polyethylene (PEAD).

The monitoring, automation and remote management systems were also implemented, and roads were improved/built in a network spanning a total of 10.9 km.

Main works:

– Rio de Moinhos Pumping Station;

– Reservoir R3;

– Irrigation Networks;

– Monitoring, automation and remote management system;

– Road network;

– Drainage network and watercourse rehabilitation

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