Porto Santo artificial reef – General Pereira D’Eça corvette

Project Type

Special Projects


Construction Company

Tecnovia Madeira


Porto Santo, Portugal


The project for the creation of an artificial reef in the sea of Porto Santo, through the preparation, decontamination and submergence of the NRP 477 General Pereira D’Eça corvette, was contracted by the Madeira Natural Park authority.

Recognised as one of the best artificial reefs in 2016 by Sport Diver magazine, the submergence operations took place on 13.07.2016, lasted 1 minute and 26 seconds, and placed the corvette perfectly upright at a depth of approximately 30 m.

The General Pereira d’Eça corvette began its new mission at the bottom of the sea: creating an artificial reef, a new marine life habitat, a diving spot, and a tourist attraction in the Madeiran Archipelago.

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