Santa Margarida do Sado Bridge

Project Type

Special Structures

Construction Company



Santa Margarida do Sado, Grândola, Portugal


The Santa Margarida Bridge over the Sado River, along the EN259, was inaugurated in 1938. This superstructure is composed of two metal sections supported only by 50 m cables between support axes.

The following structural renovation and reinforcement work was performed:

• Replacement of the walkway sheet metal

Replacement of the internal metal guardrail netting on the walkways

• Repair and protection of the underside of the concrete deck slab and guardrails

• Installation of expansion joints and substitution of the copper joints

• Installation of neoprene stops and pillar reinforcement

• Demolition, waterproofing and surfacing of the deck

• Replacement of damaged and worn edges and sheet metal

• Renovation of the curbstone beam

• Protection of the metallic structure

• Reinforcement of the diagonals, uprights and base-plates

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