Viaducts Pk 9 and Pk 13 of the Chichaoua-Argana Motorway

Project Type

Special Projects

Construction Company
Tecnovia S.A., T Internacional – Marrocos

Imintanoute – Morocco

The construction of the Imintanoute Argana segment of the Chichaoua-Argana Motorway – Section PK 0+000 – PK13+200, for Autoroute du Maroc (ADM), included various special structures, viaducts, overpasses and culverts totalling €24 214 139.

The most important special structure was the 50 m high Viaduct at PK9, composed of a single 440 m deck, made from 88 pre-fabricated “I” beams of pre-stressed reinforced concrete and pre-slabs, resting on pillars and supports, and constructed using a launcher. The second viaduct, at PK 13, is 160 m long and 50 m high.

Main quantities
Concrete: 93 000 m3
Steel: 7 378 500 Kg
Pre-stressed frames: 320 000 Kg
Formwork: 112 700 m2

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