Bridges I and II over the Criz River

Project Type

Special Structures

Special Projects

Construction Company

Tecnovia S.A.


Aguieira Dam, Santa Comba Dão, Portugal


The contract for the “Renovation and Structural Reinforcement of Bridges over the River Criz I (Km 57.000) and the River Criz II (Km 59.300) – EN 234” covered reinforced-concrete bridges with a length of 180 m and 300 m respectively, designed by Prof. Edgar Cardoso and constructed between 1976 and 1979.

The following work was carried out to reinforce the connections and deck on each of the bridges:

• Reinforcement of the connections, in two stages, by placing a slab over the walls and wall pillars of the existing wingwalls, and over a pile alignment constructed along the line of the road.

• Application of external pre-stressing to the longitudinal deck beams, after building anchoring masses and placing metal dividers;

• Reinforcement of the column heads of the bridge over River Criz I, by pre-stressing and thickening the transverse section, to transfer the load of the support devices to the pillars;

• Raising of the 100mm deck, in phases, and in 3 sequential stages for each support, and replacement of the support devices;

• Repair and improvements of decks, connections and pillars;

• Replacement of expansion joints in the deck-connection links

• Final painting

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