Zaouiat Ait Mellal Tunnel

Project Type



Construction Company

Tecnovia T Internacional – Morocco


Imintanout, Morocco


Integrated in the Imintanout – Argana stretch of the Marrakech-Agadir motorway, the Zaouiat Ait Mellal tunnel is a 600 m long road tunnel created using the NATM method, with a twin gallery, a clearance of 26 m between axes and a useful cross-section of 64 m2 in each tunnel. The excavations for the construction of the tunnel entrances required the construction of slopes with heights of about 20 m.

Security features include two pedestrian connection passageways between the tunnels and safety alcoves next to each connecting passageway, in addition to fire extinguishing and smoke extraction systems.

Excavated volume outside the tunnels: 300 000 m3

Concrete: 33 450.00 m3

A500 Steel: 1 000.00 tons.

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