In all of the markets where we operate, in pursuit of our business objectives and in compliance with legal requirements, our culture and values, which are shared by all of our employees, compel us to act ethically and responsibly.

When assessing and managing risk in our business, projects, services and products, we strive for continuous improvement with the aim of satisfying our clients, employees, shareholders and society at large.

We know that operational excellence demands the highest standards of quality, so our management systems are based on international standards, which helps us establish procedures that improve our organisation and meet the expectations of our clients.

We work hard to create safe working environments, and invest in risk assessment, mitigation and monitoring, promote health and safety for all, including those who use the infrastructures that we manage.

We strive to become increasingly sustainable, by assessing and minimising the environmental impact of our activities, in an approach which favours prevention as a means to environmental preservation.

In the development of products, projects and services, we promote solutions that recycle and add value to construction and demolition waste, contributing to the circular economy and reducing carbon emissions.

We prioritise local hiring, integration, training and the development of skills focused on our responsibilities towards our people.

We consider it fundamental to take part in local activities and initiatives that contribute to the knowledge, development and evolution of the societies in which we operate, which is why we establish partnerships and protocols, participate in technical-scientific meetings and support initiatives of a cultural and social nature, in particular those related to education.

With a focus on the success, continuity and sustainability of our businesses, we address current needs without compromising future generations, in the belief that our conduct will earn the recognition of societies around the world.

Focused on the success, continuity and sustainability of our businesses, we respond to current needs without compromising future generations, believing that our conduct will help us become an entity that earns the recognition of societies worldwide.