Bridge over the Cuito River and Accesses

Project Type

Special Structure


Construction Company

Tecnovia Angola


Cuito Cuanavale, Angola


Awarded by the Ministry of Construction on 27.09.2014 under the design/build regime, for the value of 1 814 218 544 Akz, the construction of the Bridge over the Cuito Cuanavale River and its accesses began with the installation of the company yard in October 2014. Construction began in February 2015, and the project was concluded in November 2015.

The Bridge is 190 m long between supports at the connections, has a beam-slab deck in reinforced concrete, which is 11 m wide and 2.1 m high, supported between pillars and concrete connections, divided in two 20 m end spans and five 30 m intermediate spans (2X20 + 5X30), and comprised of two continuous “I” shaped beams. The bridge is supported by a mechanism that slides longitudinally and locks transversally, with the exception of pillars P3 and P4 that are fixed. The platform has a 7 m carriageway, with one lane in each direction and a 0.50 m shoulder and 1.50 m walkway at both ends.

Five kilometres of road accesses were also built, on the EN 280, along the Menongue/ Cuito Cuanavale/ Mavinga section.

Construction method:

• Indirect Foundations: Piles with header blocks on top of which the remaining structures were raised

• Deck: Incremental placement in phases

o 20 m and 30 m sections of pre-stressed concrete made at the prefabrication yard located at the rear of the E1 connection

and later pushed using hydraulic equipment

• Piles and header/footer masses were constructed using the embankment to access the coffer dams

• The remaining work in reinforced concrete was done using the traditional method

Main quantities:

• Coffer dams: 320 m

• Formwork for the fabrication of the reinforced concrete structures: 5600 m²

• Structural Concrete: 3150 m³

• Indirect Foundations: 573 m

• Passive Steel Braces: 330 800 Kg

• Pre-stressed Steel: 41 300 Kg

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