New Bridge over the Cambamba River – Molhada Bridge

Project Type

Special Structures


Construction Company

Tecnovia Angola


Luanda, Angola


Project carried out under the design-build regime, involving the construction of a new bridge over the Cambamba river, that replaced the one known as “Molhada Bridge” and its accesses.

Owner: Ministry of Construction of Angola

Value: 966 500 000 Akz

Period: February to July 2015

Main quantities:

• A500NR Steel Reinforcement : 750 Ton

• Formwork: 5900 m²

• Structural Concrete: 4900 m³

• Indirect Ø 800 mm Foundations: 2004 m

• Trestle for the assembly of the molds needed to install the Deck: 5100 m³

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