Pre-stressing of deck beams – Pumangol Viaduct

Project Type

Geotechnics and Pre-Stressing

Special Structures

Construction Company


Tecnovia Angola


Luanda, Angola


Technovia prestressed 6 precast concrete beams, with a height of 1.35 m and a thickness of 0.18 m, for the deck on the access viaduct to the Pumangol Industrial Zone in Luanda, which is 117.90 m long and has 6 continuous sections. The guidelines include a curved section spanning 250 m from the E1 and a straight stretch toward the E2.

The structure of the deck is comprised of 6 precast reinforced beams, with a height of 1.35 m and a thickness of 0.18 m, supporting 7 cm thick pre-slabs upon which the 0.25 cm thick concrete platform slab was layed. The beams are also strengthened at their ends by concreting crossbeams onto the pillars and their connections.

The 6 beams are 2.30 m apart and have the following lengths, from E1 to E2: 17.40 m, 20.50 m, 20.40 m, 22.90 m, 13.90 m and 19.60 m.

There are between 2 to 3 prestressing cables per beam, which are composed of 4, 6 and 7 strands of high-strength steel (Class 1860 MPa), with a cross-section of 1.4 cm2, depending on the length of the section.

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