We act in the construction value chain by providing materials, technical solutions, and proper environments for every need.

We operate in the industrial production of construction materials – aggregates, hot and cold bituminous mixtures, ready-mix concrete and prefabricated concrete – through more than 20 permanent production centres.

We have the capacity to move installations and mobile equipment, presenting the most suitable solution for each need, region and market in which we operate.

We perform technical tests and studies on produced materials, both with projects in progress and with those already finished, assessing compliance with regulations or applicable technical specifications, in a production control system that is recognized in Portugal through the ISO 9001 Quality mark, EC Marking or Product Certification.

In the environmental area we specialise in the removal of materials that contain asbestos and in the management of construction and demolition waste (CDW) through eight reception and valuation centres as well as a wooden pellet manufacturing facility that produces a biofuel from wood logs.

In the Autonomous Region of the Azores, we provide solutions for the removal and treatment of soils and vegetation contaminated with hydrocarbons, as well as expertise and certification of property under the Termite Infestation Certification System framework.

Our own resources at the level of quarries, crushing plants, bituminous plants and ready-mix concrete and equipment plants, in addition to the technical capacity, experience and qualifications of our teams, make us capable of responding to the various needs and challenges, which we seek to continuously meet with quality.